Sunday 15 May 2011

Every Day a New Discovery


Yesterday I went to Tesco (not by choice - I prefer to have my shopping delivered) but I was asleep in the back of the car and the husband had driven us there *yawn* literally *yawn*.

After 2 aisles he was *pissed off* and he and Aaron went to the cafe to have lunch leaving Mum to traipse up and down the aisles of a Tesco she isn't even familiar with and she's been having shopping delivered since half way through pregnancy and Aaron's 11 months!

I was slow, I wasn't enjoying it........ and I was slow at loading the conveyor belt and even slower at packing the carrier bags.  I had to chat to the cashier and the lady behind me to take their minds off how slow I was.  I have forgotten how to make the plastic turn into a bag *rustles* and no longer any good at the ergonomics of how to get a lot of items in a few bags.  I resented the £102 it cost more than when I pay online....

Anyway the one highlight was that whilst there I got the OK magazine for the royal wedding and a book about Kate....

I have only read the first 2 chapters but am already shocked to read that she and William are 12th cousins - I was like WHAT - after all the talk that she's normal 'n' all that!  We've been told she is a "commoner".... hhhmmm?

So I googled it and came across this Daily Mail online article.

Mentioned it to the husband and he's like oh yeah I can imagine, Barack Obama and George Bush are related - I'm like WTF, so I get on the trusty Google web horse again, and here we at

Neither of the links above are conspiracy websites so this information seems to be freely in the public domain...... did you know about it?

There were things I did know, but I did not know about these recent examples......

Interesting... very interesting.

Liska x

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