Sunday 15 May 2011

MomenTUM - Monday Mum Tum


Well it is week 2 of Monday's MomenTum, and week 3 if you include the Boot cut Bootcamp post...

The questions I want to ask all of you are:
  1. What is working?
  2. What is not working?
  3. What's worked in the past?
  4. What will you really focus on this week? and
  5. What have you achieved so far?
My answers:
  1. Eating more salad, drinking more water, and moving more.
  2. The fact that I still had 1 Easter egg in the house, and still have half a box of chocolates.
  3. Eating an alkaline diet and doing detoxes has REALLY worked for me in the past.
  4. This week I am going to focus on reducing my caffeine intake, and drinking more water.  I am also going to try and cook an evening meal every evening - I am going to try and get tips from Working London Mummy's great blog, which I have been daunted by so far, as cooking's been on the decline since Aaron came along.
  5. Got into a pair of size 16 jeans when my others were size 18..... I have a confession though.... after I bragged about that to y'all, I then, a couple of days later tried on the other size 16 pair I'd bought on the same day (2nd April) and I wore them the other day.  They dug into my stomach and waist so badly, I was ruined with red marks on my waist when I got home. I'm sure it wasn't good for my vital organs.  I took a photo, but it really shows that I have three tummies so I am not posting it, even though I'd half intended too.
So that final point..... the jeans issue, is really spurring me on now.

A while back a few of you were talking about the Dukan diet - I didn't know what you were talking about - but I read about it in my magazine this afternoon and it seems alot of celebs are doing it.

Anyway, bye for now,

Liska xx

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