Friday 6 May 2011

The Gallery - April


The theme for this week's "The Gallery"  over at Sticky Fingers is "April".

I haven't had chance to visit posts in the linky yet, but no doubt a lot of them will focus on the Royal Wedding (or I may be wrong?).  Claire didn't over at the Grumpinator.

Anyway, if I am truly honest, for me, April was all about TRUST....

How did I come to this conclusion?  Well I will be honest... When I read what this week's theme was my first reaction was panic that I didn't have a Royal Wedding photo and my second reaction was "what did April mean for me?"

Well it only took a brief browse of my photos for it all to come flooding back.

The much needed visit from my Aunt on 1st April when I was at a low ebb due to my imminent return to work on 5th April (after maternity leave).

The stressful visit to the shops on Saturday 2nd April to drop off the photo to Snappy Snaps and get clothes for returning to work.

The upsetting Mother's Day:

This post was 8 times this length and I was really proud of it..... spent 3 hours on it and when I published it, it cuts off here.........

I am devastated.........

There were some really gorgeous photos and some really nice text about how wonderful April turned out....

Going to bed to cry myself to sleep....!

Liska x

Back on 6th May to *try* and get this post back to where I had it.

Mother's Day

Well dressed
The return to work went really well.  For 5th and 6th April I left Aaron's clothes out for Daddy and for 7th I "trusted" they could cope and Daddy put on an outfit I'd thought was too big and Aaron looked amazing, as above, and the fabric was so cool for the unexpected HOT weather.  I got the outfit straight off him, clean, when I got in and he wore it again for my first day off 8th April, which we enjoyed in the Sun Sun Sun in Jenny's garden which I blogged about here.

FAB new car seat!
I blogged about my return to work.

Not only did I spend Friday 8th with Jenny & Edward but we spent 11th April at a soft play area. 
Reason being, I REALLY wanted to enjoy my days off with Aaron.

Aaron found himself :-)

Gonna be a tall boy!

My 1st Easter Egg!

Anyway the reason I mentioned trust at the beginning of this post was because I had to trust the return to work would go well. It did. But more importantly I had to trust that I could delegate the care of Aaron to my husband and Sandra. To be fair, it went really well, and Aaron coped and was happy. I coped. And it was a weight off my shoulders. I went back 5th April. I've now done 1 full month and that's 5 full weeks. I've survived to tell the tale :-)

I can't complete this post without saying IT WAS THE HOTTEST APRIL ON RECORD.  It was beautiful.  Stunning blue skys and lots of sunny days, with surprisingly high temperatures...

April blue skies!

Liska xxx


  1. Just gorgeous. Mine was a bit mixed, couldn't choose one photo either!

  2. Ok, I will let you go to bed to cry tonight but tomorrow I am coming back for the finished article! Lol I am keen to find out how your April turned out. I wasn't really interested in the wedding, I went to the Baby Show instead! Thanks for the link! xx

  3. Whst a beautiful little one you have x

  4. Still a lovely (even if cut off) post. You must be so proud to be Aaron's mum.

  5. How frustrating for you, you poor thing. These blogs take a lot of time don't they?

  6. That is why I hate the internet, always eating valuable blog posts! At least April got better, hopefully May will be fantastic for you all :)

  7. It was lovely to read the finished article! His wee outfit is absolutely gorgeous and OMG how long are his legs??? x

  8. Had to come back and read the rest. Goon you for finnishing it off. He does look good in his little outfit and I am so glad the return to work has gone well for you. Keep smiling :-) x

  9. What a lovely set of pictures, and he is so cute. You looked lovely in the photo of the 2 of you. Hope all ok at work. x


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