Tuesday 10 May 2011



This week's theme at Kate Takes 5's Listography is  "bad combinations"

I, for some reason, am going to do this with my work head on.
  1. HR and a bad memory.  My good memory really helps me in my job.  I can't imagine what sort of combination those two would be. Dread to think.
  2. Note taker with poor attention to detail.  Luckily I have always been good at taking minutes.  I take it for granted but I know from experience that some people really struggle with it.
  3. Managers who don't care about people.  Where this is the case, it is a breeding ground for HR issues.
  4. Teams and poor communication - speaks for itself!
  5. Managers and agendas! I hate people with hidden agendas.  It is the worst combination!
Anyway...... list complete.....

Liska xx


    1. My day job requires a good memory too but since having JC my memory is rubbish!

    2. Firstly - your header picture is just adorable - nearly makes me want another one (but not quite!)
      I was a rubbish minutes taker - I used to write things like 'LRH agrees to implement TR for DJB' and then have no idea what any of my acronyms stood for...doh.

    3. My memory is terrible at the moment which isn't mixing very well with work. Luckily I don't have to give medication :-) Sounds like you have a lot of fun in HR :-)


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