Sunday 22 May 2011

Vtech First Steps Baby Walker - review


This isn't in any way a formal review - it wasn't free, this post hasn't been paid for. This was a spontaneous purchase from Argos yesterday.  Also, I'd own something for a lot longer before I'd do a proper fully fledged review.

I think I was a little late in getting this as it is suitable for 6 to 30 months and Aaron was 11 months on 15th May and I only got it yesterday, but as a result, he walked down the corridor with it, the second it came out of the box.  Now that surprised me, as yes, he stands and holds onto furniture and takes sideways steps along the coffee table but I didn't know he would coordinate his steps to walk the length of the corridor.

Sandra (my friend and his childminder) has been holding his two hands walking with him for a week or two now, (up and down her kitchen and up and down her garden) and this is obviously the result as he was so so so confident and can do it for ages.  Tiring for me though as I have to keep turning him and it, each time he hits a dead-end, but he simply loves it.

He also loves sitting on the floor and playing with the front of it (which is what he did when he played with Edward's in the garden a few weeks back), but he didn't stand with it then, so he was very confident to do it immediately yesterday, completely fearless.  For some reason he didn't need to get used to the feel of it, or speed of it, or nothing. He was off, trotting down the corridor the second he got his hands on it.

I was worried as it was new, so it took me till today to have the confidence to be hands off and video him :-)

This is from today:

I hope you like it and apologies that it is disjointed but I did it on my own.

I am back with an update.  My husband gets Aaron to use the walker outside too.  This is him on 30th May (for context he will be 1 year's old on 15th June)...

Liska x

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