Tuesday 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice

On this night set your intentions for the coming year.

Energetically you will be better supported than on 1st January.

This is an extract from here:

Some believe that on midsummer night "all wishes are granted" by the fairy world . On this day the god in his aspect as the Sun King is at his most powerful, here shown as the solar lion, with wands of roses and oak leaves. Litha is a great opportunity for taking stock of ones' own life, bringing desires to fruition, and also getting rid of those aspects that deter you from your goals.

Okay mine:

Take Aaron swimming more! (Thanks Beastie for reminder)
Meditate and incorporate yoga into my life
Finally start an anti candida diet
Get back in touch with my joyful inner child
Get me and hubby back on the right path
De clutter my home and life
Move to a house with a garden etc...