Sunday 17 July 2011

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum


Well despite the fact that Mumentum's been running for weeks I have got fatter not slimmer during that time.

But thinks have reached a head now. My candida is at its worst and my coffee jar is empty, so this coming week is going to be the week where I really start to take things seriously.

Just look at my shadow:

And normally I am photogenic but I look quite large to say the least in my precious Gok Wan photos and people are starting to ask if I am pregnant because my Mum Tum has become THAT large.

I was back in my jeans 2 months after having Aaron and in December I was looking good but second half of December I'd put on weight by Xmas and it seems to have gone on and on and on and on. I do breastfeed less now, and I do eat ALOT more junk.

When Mum was here I used to make us healthy lunches and dinners but that was LAST Summer.........

Don't get me wrong I still had a MUM TUM (I had a c section) but it was nothing like it is now. It really is threefold now.

Really need to sort my life out as some of you are doing such amazing work. I promise to start doing you proud.

Over to you...

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Liska xx