Monday 18 July 2011

New Leaf - New Day - New Me


I made a discovery today.

If you are stagnant, you stagnate.

If you don't move, nothing moves.

If you don't expend energy you don't create or receive any.

If you don't have fun with your son, he no longer kisses you.

If you laze around you become a sloth.

If you do all of the above and graze on nibblies instead of 3 meals a day, you get fat.

If you get fat you lose your self esteem.

If you lose your self esteem you continue to get fat.

Well today the tide turned.

I moved. I got Aaron and I ready in an hour. It was a spur of the moment thing and for only the third time in his little life, we went to the soft play area.

He loved it, I loved it, my spirit loved it. I talked to all the other Mums and actually for the first time ever, enjoyed their company.

We came back and I felt a change. Something had shifted. The stagnation had shifted.

The first thing that was new, was I emptied and sorted my handbag - boy did that need doing.

With the boost that gave me, I cooked and me and Aaron gobbled it down.

He started kissing me again. He recognised that his Mum, his real Mum was back. Back in the room and back in the game. He knew she'd gone but it took her a while to realise.

I then cleared the bedroom and the sitting room of all my clutter, which was made possible by the fact that my late night boy, having played in the soft play area was IN BED BY 8 O'clock and IN HIS COT. THIS is special as I normally have to go to bed WITH him which puts an end to my evening and to be honest I resent it.

But tonight, tonight I have had an evening like other Mums have, and I literally have not stopped.

The husband will not recognise the place when he gets in.

Don't get my wrong, Aaron has woke 4 times between 8 and 10:30 but EVERY time I have held him, in the room, back to sleep and then placed gently back in the cot and he is there now.

I will do a bit more and then I will go to bed BEFORE midnight as I want to go to work tomorrow feeling refreshed.

Anyway something has shifted and it shifted BECAUSE I got my fat arse off the sofa and took us out there to participate in life.

My first couple of weeks back at work (in April) we always enjoyed my days off and did things, but then I started to make 6 people redundant and then alot of my days off became pyjama days. I went into myself.

BUT I am back now. And I am happy again.

And I am hoping this will be reflected in weight loss.

Liska xxxxxxxx