Wednesday 5 October 2011

Mad Blog Awards - Oh What a Night


MAD Blog Awards 2011

Well I was fortunate to be a "helper" at the Mad Blog Awards - a night not to be missed in the Mum Blogging world.

From the moment I arrived I could tell it was a red carpet affair as we got papped on the way in (okay - I asked to be papped - so sue me!) :-) ........ But I got the red carpet snap to prove it.

The event was being held at Talk Talk's consumer experience centre.  Talk Talk were one of the sponsors of the Mads, and really put on a great show.

I could see the bar was being manned by Talk Talk so I asked "what's a girl to do" and was told that I would be manning the X Factor competition (karaoke) with Kate, also known as @IAmWitWitWoo who blogs at

At first we were not busy but once word got round, people came upstairs to us in every break and we had queues.  Kate turned out to be the technical wizzard loading the entries onto the X Factor website so I was free to take a few videos like this:

Anyway it was a SUPERB night and I got to meet the following:
  • Jenny from Gingerbread House - she was manning the cloakroom - ages since I have last seen her.  First time I have seen her with a bump as she was not showing at Blog Camp and I met her after she had Edward.
  • Circus Queen - superb to meet for the 1st time after all our Tweets about our Moby Wraps.
  • Pippa. The blogger with the amazing voice.
  • Bloggomy - first time we've met up since Xmas in July.
  • Sally - the main woman herself - not seen her since the Boots Treat Street event where I volunteered to help at the Mads.
  • Sharon from I Heart Motherhood - now without bump.
  • Stay at Home Mum Loving it - now with bump.  Congrats again.
  • Sophie from Super Amazing Mum.
  • Nickie from I am Typecast.
  • Luschka from Diary of a First Child - one of the first Mummy blogs I commented on.  Someone who actually got back to me, and more than once and really warmly - love ya and you are just as nice in real life.  Oh and that is another lady expecting no.2.
  • Mummy Whisperer who had the best dress of the night on and whose baby I fell in love with.
  • Mich from Mummy from the Heart.  My blog diehard friend through thick and thin.
  • I just know I am going to have forgotten someone above but I have spent far too long on this post already.
Hilariously, I have both sides of the camera, when Mammy Woo sung KaraokeShe is one fun, whacky, gorgeous lady.  I say whacky as she pulled a fillet out of her bra in the middle of this video.  I say gorgeous as I have never seen a photo of her on her blog and didn't expect her to look the way she did - I said the same thing to her :-)

  • and then this is the film from me filming it, behind them, the other side of the web cam:

Because myself and Kate operated the laptop that recorded people's Xfactor entries, I have some great videos of people doing their karaoke - they can all be found on my Mad Blog Awards photo bucket page.

Here is a slideshow from there in case you don't pop over:

Bye for now (gosh after not blogging for months, boy did this post take a long time).

Thanks Sally for an amazing night.  And everyone I had so much fun with. This was at the end of the night - you can tell what a high we were on:

Untitled from Sally Whittle on Vimeo.

You just have to visit the official posts here and here.

Liska xxx