Monday 14 November 2011

Fancy Dress Outfitters - A Review - TAKE TWO - Fireworks for Babies - baby Boys!

Hi All

I previously reviewed Fancy Dress Outfitters and as they are so lovely I felt they deserved a 2nd review given that Aaron looked so grumpy in the last one. (He was pictured trying to take the head gear part of the outfit off and it didn't look pretty - hence he is not wearing it below - it has to be REALLY cold for him to agree to wear a hat) LOL xxx

Aaron wore his costume AGAIN for fireworks night - a night on 4th November hosted by a nursery. He really enjoyed the night and the fireworks did not scare him.  In fact the display was WONDERFUL and even though it was for little ones, it impressed me much! Shania Twain springs to mind here :-)

This is how he looked:

The outfit retails at £17.77 and can be bought here.

The nursery staff all oooohed and ahhhhed at how he looked when I let him out of the buggy.  It was quite a mild night so I was able to take his jacket off and let him run around.

As the outfit is designed to be worn ON TOP of clothes he does have a warm fleece underneath (yep you can't even tell).  The cape kept billowing out behind him which really added to the effect and the CUTE factor :-)

Anyway, thank you again to Fancy Dress Outfitters for sending us the outfit to review; it is going to get a 3rd outing in a couple of days so has proved REALLY good value.

Last year Aaron dressed up as Santa all through Xmas and I got his santa suit from Sainsburys.  I really love the concept of dressing up.

Liska xxx