Tuesday 15 November 2011

My Dirty Secret


I am taking part in Multiple Mummy's "where do you blog?" meme.

I was honoured that she tagged me as I have felt out of the game (the blogging game) for months...

And am slowly, ever so slowly resuming my blogging regime.

The meme on this ocassion originated with Bibsey asking if we are Saint or Slattern.

I ran to look up slattern.  The Free Dictionary says:
An untidy, dirty woman. [Perhaps from dialectal slattering, slovenly, present participle of dialectal slatter, to slop.] slattern [ˈslætən]. n. a slovenly woman

Yeaaaahhhh that's me! And my husband would agree!

I did not want to entitle this post "where do I blog?" as (1) it is too boring and (2) er, the photo will explain and (3) the where do I blog meme did the rounds a few months back (I remember SAHM Loving It's gorgeous room in her garden - ooooh how I coveted that :-) ), so I wanted to call it something different.

I played with the following possibilities:

Time to Come Clean
- errrr no, cos there aint nuffing clean about it.

Reality hits
- errr no, cos it hasn't and I am still avoiding life and on my treadmill of blah blah blah.

My Dirty Secret
- that's the one! That fits. If the cap fits and all that!

spot the head gear part of Aaron's vampire suit on the right :-)

So this is my little hovel.  The source of much frustration for my tidy husband.  The place that has to be cleared with a magician's tablecloth, when dinner needs to find a square centimetre to go on ...

As you can see I can blog and watch TV at the same time.

If you could turn the photo 360 degrees you would find a tidy room, Aaron in the high chair and a coffee table that looks much the same as the above :-)

Bye for now,

I tag anyone else, who reads this, who also has a dirty little secret - i.e. a messy place that they blog in, that they wouldn't normally let the world see :-)

Liska xxx