Wednesday 21 December 2011

What Happens In Butlins Stays in Butlins

Errrr, whose idea was that then? I  certainly never signed up to that :-)

Nah! Get it all out there! I am sure you want to KNOW that @MammasaurusBlog whipped us till we danced! Watch her bully @RomanianMum into dancing - bully I tell you!

That @ActuallyMummy has snake hips when she dances!

That the security man did really exist - whether he is called Kirk or not I can't say for certain!
All I know is that I want to be "the crazy one" ;-)

That he dragged the ladies off the stage because they were DRUNK :-0

That @TiredMummyofTwo doesn't like to be photographed when blowing her nose and

That after dark Jaks at Butlins Bognor really is JUMPING.

If... you know how to make it happen.

If you've got spectacles and some patience, watch THIS - be warned it is DARK: