Tuesday 24 January 2012

Becky We Love You

Becky your exit was first class,
as was your seat on the plane.

I could only swoon at you, and
I can feel your pain.
Corrie won't be the same without you
whatever will we do...

I'll look at the stars and always think of you,

Revenge was sweet and worth the wait
Tracy's face, at the marriage gate

A better life awaits you now,
Just a first class trip away,

When champagne's on tap,
Who in their right mind'd stay

Five grand you've left with your sister,
a goodbye smirk to your Mister.

Off you've gone, and here we are
And all I can say is I'll miss ya!


Quotable lines from Becky's last scenes:

"Leaving's going FROM innit? I'm more your going TO kinda girl!"
"Question. Serious one.  Are you in the mile high club?"
"Toast to going TO"
"No! Save your cash man. Got my duty free up there"
"it's first class everything's free"
"Seriously... hhhhm... waitress... Lob us the bottle"
"Regrets are for people what stop on the ground. We're heading for the stars!"

Wish I was too Becky. Wish I was too!