Monday 23 January 2012

MUMenTUM - Mums losing Mum Tums - Monday Blog Hop


Well I am really looking forward to reading your #Mumentum posts. I haven't weighed myself so I don't know if the 4kg is still off, but the size 16 jeans are still fitting :-)

I am going to start a detox soon I just need to time it right.

Me and my aunt have said that we will be size 12 by April. I hope it is possible, and that I'll do it.

This was my favourite Mumentum post last week. It gave me a late night watching the video, but it was well worth it as the content is so thought provoking. And judging by how much Mama Owl has lost this week, I really need to read this.

Actually Michelle Twin Mum also uploaded a thought provoking video (yesterday) but nothing to do with Mumentum.

Bye for now - link up below - Liska xxx

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