Sunday 29 January 2012

Mumentum - Monday Blog Hop for Mums losing their Mum Tums


Here we are another week.

Well I have spent the last week trying to eat what is left of Xmas, and it has shown on the scales.  I am not one for weighing myself as I believe it is nicer to go by how your clothes feel, and muscle is heavier than fat etc... but I wanted to see if I'd kept the 4kg off that I have been bragging about.

Well a week ago Publicasity gave me a YARD of JAFFA CAKES and the box contained individual boxes of jaffa cakes and suffice to say I am on my 3rd packet.  Yes, in a week!

So, I HAD gone from 95kg to 91kg, and I am now back up at 92kg, but I do not mind as the size 16 jeans are still fitting me, and I still feel slimmer and different! Something HAS indeed shifted - I have more self confidence.

So, here is the guilty YARD:

So, I have ALSO polished off the last of the Celebrations - this evening - which were ALL Mars Bars - not that I don't like Mars but I prefer everything else better!

So now, this week will see me eating healthily and only healthily.

Is Christmas also firmly behind you??? So that we can get a firm behind - ho ho ho!!!!!

Let me know......?

Now, over to you my little pesky pixies.

Lots of love, Liska xxx