Friday 3 February 2012

Not About Winnie


Well blogging mums quite often talk about P**
And it is usually their children's p** as in the case of Multiple Mummy this week, whose post I read, and sympathised.

Anyway, I am doing the unusual thing of blogging about MY p**
So it started Sunday night with the big D which I will call Delhi belly....... Unusually this went on all day Monday and explosively all of Monday night.

Tuesday I felt normal, so with my ex-colleague, had a slap up lunch... Only trouble was, I did the same thing Wednesday (hubby took me for lunch for my birthday) and the same thing Thursday - again with 2 ex-colleague....

So 3 days of slap up lunches, yet no movements, and yesterday the size 16 jeans were STRANGLING my waist and probably damaging my insides....

I thought, only I, could have 2 days of D, and get tight jeans afterwards.

Anyway last night, the *coughs* movement occurred and today I feel a lot better.

But it reminded me about my Yoga days (I taught for 6 years) and we often used to have Kriyas about "elimination". It is a really important part of the body's functioning.

So I say to the Mumentum ladies, make sure that you are eliminating correctly - weight loss doesn't occur otherwise, but bloating surely does!

I really need to get healthy now in these coming weeks... I wouldn't normally write this sort of post but when I saw Kerry's I thought "why not!"

Bye for now, Liska xxx