Tuesday 21 February 2012

Bought because of a Product Review - the power of the Mummy Blogger

Just thinking about the purchases that I have made as a direct result of reading a review.
  1. I bought this car seat because of this review.
  2. I bought these pre shoes because of these reviews.
  3. I bought these gorgeous ladybird reigns because of this review.
  4. I bought this Buggy Snuggle foot muff because of this review.
  5. I bought these gloves because of this review. (For us they do NOT stay on!)
  6. I bought my Moby Wrap due to a yoga student using it, successfully.
  7. I bought the Fisherprice Jumperoo due to someone on Netmums recommending it.
  8. I bought the Lindam door bouncer due to someone on Netmums recommending it.
If I can think of anything else I will come back and update this post.

What have you bought as a direct result of reading a review?

If you are a brand you won't reach me with advertising.  Since becoming a Mum I buy things that are recommended and tried & tested!

Liska x


  1. I find people don't comment on review stuff! But that many views merely underlines what you are saying! Good for you. :0


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