Monday 20 February 2012



When housework becomes a four letter word.

What I did when housework was ruling me, instead of the other way round!

I do the bulk of the laundry once a week.  Monday is currently my laundry day.  I do what works for me! What does this mean? Well we don't have a tumble dryer so I dry my laundry on the washing line... in Summer (7 months of the year) but currently I would have to use airers or radiators and that does not work for me.

So I walk to the laundrette with my laundry and for the grand old price of £3.20 I get it all dry.
this is 3 loads of laundry believe it or not - they are very large bags and it's all folded

THIS works for me.  When it is all wet I fold it, when it is hot and dry I fold it all again.  Then when I get home it all gets put away immediately.  The beauty of this is that NO IRONING is required.  Don't get me wrong, I bought a cotton blouse on a whim a couple of weeks ago, but THAT is the only thing that requires ironing.  None of Aaron's stuff does - oh I lie, he also has a shirt but it wasn't in the wash this week.

So Tuesday is MY Monday and that only works for me, if come Monday night all of the laundry is done.  Which.... it is!

It helps that hubby does his own, but I hate looking at it all drying inside - roll on Summer when his goes on the line, like ours.  That takes a bit more work as there are lots of trips in and out in and out.  As we live in a 1st floor flat I dealt with that by having Aaron in a sling, and having the laundry in an Ikea bag on my shoulder.

Also, I recently found that my drawers were a mess! So I took some time out and sorted them all.... quel surprise, while I did, Aaron played and entertained himself - that was a revelation for me.

This task showed me that my knickers had dwindled to nearly nothing so that got sorted this weekend too, and now I know that when I get dressed in the dark tomorrow morning I have this to look forward to:


socks! paired socks! ooooh eeeee

When they say "cleanliness is close to Godliness" it is true.  When they say "a tidy house is a tidy mind" it's true.  I don't normally experience either, but slowly slowly I am getting there, as the weight of it, is part of my PND so conquering it sees me ruling housework, instead of the other way round.

Believe it or not, until the last week my socks were not paired up (since having Aaron) so even dressing was stressful.  We need to do tasks for ourselves that make life easier.  Getting on top of this has been as good or better than any massage or manicure.

If you are on a similar journey, where you and your husband WERE equals TILL you had a baby, and now all of a sudden you are a 60s wife, except you're failing at it miserably as you were not built for the task, read this book:

It is helping me, and doing a bit of soul searching is helping me.  Also read the post I wrote yesterday, if you are interested that is ;-)

This was what I recently filled my drawer up with, from M&S of course!  They are deliberately colourful (as you saw in the drawer) and fun as I need a bit of that.

 I also recently sorted out my PJ drawer:

And thanks to getting on top of the laundry today, all of Aaron's clothes are sorted for the next 3 days at nursery:

And I have a week's worth of clothes hung up for 3 days at work:

I have sacrificed today, to do this instead of having a day out, because I know it's what makes Tuesday morning easier to bear.

The Liska of today is looking after the Liska of tomorrow, and with PND, that, is, necessary!

Bye for now, Liska xxx