Friday 3 February 2012

In Love With Lego Duplo


Some of you will know that I got Aaron Lego Duplo for Christmas.  It took me a long time in Toys R Us to land on Lego Duplo because I was torn by Mega Bloks. Yep it was Lego Duplo versus Mega Bloks.

But there really is no comparison.  My Sister In Law got Aaron mega blox and we got him Lego Duplo.  I tried the Mega Blox twice and didn't like it, so it stays in the box.  The colours, the feel of the plastic, the way they stick together...... nothing compares to LEGO.  They really are the market leader for a reason.  I just love the FEEL of the lego and the vibrant colours.  And as any good toy manufacturer know, Mum needs to like the toys too!

Anyway, when presented with the lego Aaron didn't show that much interest and the only thing he liked doing was emptying the box (we got the version where it comes in a big plastic tub).  If Mummy made something, even if it took an hour, his favourite thing to do, was break it bit by bit, or just quickly throw it across the room, to shatter everywhere.  He has learned DESTRUCT, but he is yet to learn BUILD, even though he has been building Ikea beakers since last Summer.  Anyway, I had varying reactions to his breaking of my master creations, and it was like he enjoyed watching the many reactions, seeing that they were sometimes despair, sometimes disappointment, sometimes teary, and sometimes dumbstruck, depending on the effort we'd both put in.... LOL.

One thing I discovered just after Xmas was that colour blocking them, before putting them in the box is highly highly therapeutic.  Especially if you feel like your life has been chaotic since baby came along.  Colour blocking gives you a few minutes of ORDER and it feels like sanity - if you relate to what I am saying, and have some lego to hand, don't delay do it now:

The full set, colour blocked

The set that we have from Santa to Aaron

Colour blocked complete with "man"

The ultimate in order - colour blocked in box!
So, now, on to some of MY creations (given that Aaron can't build yet).



back (this creation uses every piece including the car!)

The underneath to show the "foundation"
As you can see, I am loving Lego, but this blog, which I found today, is in a whole other league.  The standard of the photography is awesome.  If you are a lego fan, you must take a look.

Bye for now, Liska & Aaron.