Monday 20 February 2012

Mumentum - Lose your Mum Tum in 2012


Well here I am opening up the Mumentum linky at 02:54 in the morning.

I hope you are all still with me.  For newcomers simply write a relevant post (about your wish to lose your mum tum) and link it up below.  Grab the code for the bottom of your post as that's what makes it a blog hop.

This week I have been reading 3 books, which could be classed as self-help books.  I am realising the journey to losing weight is not just about exercise and what you do/don't eat.

It started with me reading:

The Mummy Whisperer's Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being A Mum

(only 89 pence on Kindle Amazon).  This is the book of Lisa AKA the Mummy Whisperer.

A must read I would say. Favourite quote: "if you are always trying to be too nice, you will be a walk over and even loved ones will trample all over you take advantage of you".

Lisa has a bonus chapter on Weight Loss!!!

I then went on to read: 

Housework Blues - A Survival Guide which made me say "hell yeah" more times than any book I have ever read. £2.49 on Kindle Amazon.

Favourite quote: "The cruel irony of housework. People only notice when you don't do it".

Now I am reading:

How to Do Everything and Be Happy.  I am only a couple of chapters in with this one but have already bought a diary. The book is £1.88 on Kindle Amazon.

Funny, you can get Mumentum in all sorts of places.  The hubby and I haven't really been talking this week (big divorce worthy blow up on 15th February) and we went for lunch today.  He told me that I am looking slimmer (you know how I have been saying I have gone from size 18 to size 16).  Anyhow, he said that until I did that, I was the biggest I have ever looked and he said even bigger than the size I was a year before our wedding (early 2001 before I lost 3.5 stone).  THAT was a wakeup call to hear that.

But then he went onto say how good I was looking today (now that it's 3 a.m. I should say yesterday).  I made an effort yesterday and didn't just throw jeans on.  To me, because I rushed out without jewellery, hair and makeup I wasn't the finished article, but he said he was looking at me in Tesco and I looked "stunning" and that because of the lack of makeup and pony tail it looked "effortless".  This made me realise how good it would be for my self-esteem if I made an effort everyday.  I am sure it would benefit weight loss too.

Anyway that gave me a bit of a boost.  What gave you some Mumentum this week?

Bye for now, Liska xxx