Monday 13 February 2012


Hi All

I am so soooorrrryyyy that I did not do this post last night but I was just too tired.

And we didn't get up till 10 a.m. so I could not do it any earlier than this - sorry again.

So for the majority of the past week I was on my time of the month, so I did not eat sensibly in any way and consumed a whole load of sugar.

The size 16 jeans still fit, but they leave a horrid red mark across my stomach - yes they are tight! Very tight!

So this week, I will have to sort my life out.

I didn't buy the ingredients for the smoothies that the Spent book recommends - see previous post.

I hope some of you have had great weeks and can give the rest of us some much needed inspiration.

As I don't have any good news on the weight loss front I think I'd better just head straight to opening up the linky.

One thing I will say is that we can offer each other Mumentum in every area of life, i.e. Midlife Singlemum wrote a post about the dishes piling up and she gave me a boost in the comments of that post and as a result I caught up on ALL the laundry yesterday so am all set for going back to work tomorrow. Thanks. High five!

Liska xx