Saturday 11 February 2012

Too Cold to Push???? Keeping your toddler warm in the cold snap

Hi Everyone

Buggy Snuggle Review (but NOT a sponsored post)

Well we've been having a very cold snap of late haven't we?  Lots of snow.  Lots of zero degrees or lower and ALL after a very mild November, December and January.

Well a few weeks ago, the mornings were too cold for walking Aaron to nursery in his buggy; it is a 14 minute walk and at 7:30 it is very cold, even on a mild day and I don't drive.

So I got in touch with Buggy Snuggle, and bought one for Aaron.

I felt very silly as I only got it a few weeks ago and I thought Spring was round the corner - I for one am really grateful for this cold snap as I have put it to really good use. To be honest there were days where it was the only thing that enabled us to go outside.

Here are some pics:

In the queue at the London Transport Museum

Fighting the snow with Buggy Snuggle:
Warm despite the snow!!

I'd like to let brands know, that increased brand awareness can result in sales much later than the campaign itself.

For example: my close blogging friend Gingerbread House, reviewed this product a year ago! and it stuck in my mind as I knew she genuinely LOVED the product - so the minute Aaron was getting cold this year, it was the 1st product that sprung to mind.  I got to see her Buggy Snuggle in person as shown by this post, (also a year ago) so I knew it was good.

I didn't even get a fur one, I got a "simple" one (blue stripe fleece) and yet it is still ULTRA warm, and when Aaron falls asleep when we are out, he sleeps for longer, because he is warm!

The fleece is very good quality and has to be seen to be believed.  Don't go for the copy cat brands - go for the real thing - your baby is worth it.  John Lewis would serve themselves well to stock the real thing (like they used to) and care about the perfect product (and the resulting customer satisfaction) rather than the perfect margin for their Buying Teams.

I love the Buggy Snuggle as much as Aaron does as I can see how very snuggly he is (they gave the company the right name LOL).

I knew I wanted a Buggy Snuggle, as doing the school run to and from nursery I see so many buggies with the baby having a blanket over their knees and to be honest it never looks right.  It always looks either (a) like a blanket that should be kept indoors out of sight OR (b) it looks like, one kick and it'll be off.

But with the Buggy Snuggle it is below them and above them, like a sleeping bag and the zips go in two directions on BOTH sides, so once you have zipped him in, you can unzip the feet area so that they either have more freedom, or so that muddy boots can stick out.

It is a lovely company - I talked to the owner - and I highly recommend a visit to their website.

Another advantage of the Buggy Snuggle is that Aaron point blank refuses to wear gloves, and with this, he keeps his hands under the blanket, so it has helped in that area too. I believed the hype and bought the gloves that go up to the elbow - a massive £12.99 and Aaron took them off within 30 seconds - I was so cross to all the bloggers who said that they stay on! Not my experience!

It would be great as a gift, or perhaps like me, you are making a last minute purchase at nearly the end of winter to keep your baby toastie!

When I got it, I did not know the cold snap was coming, but my reasoning was that on Spring Summer days, when he is in shorts, we often stay out so long that it is cold on the way home and I think Buggy Snuggle is perfect for that, hence not strictly just a winter thing.

I leave you with this description of the one we got, the Blue Stripe Fleece:
This Buggysnuggle cosytoes is a best seller for baby boys! Our own, exclusive stripe in shades of blue printed on cuddly and very soft polar fleece. Our simple Buggysnuggle footmuffs combine 4 layers of top quality polar fleece to keep your baby warm and cosy. 
Bye for now, Liska