Tuesday 20 March 2012

Crazy Soap Review - Fun at Bath Time!

We were sent some Crazy Soap products to review.

Aaron's been quite bored with his bath toys so we jumped at the opportunity and we were not disappointed.

It has to be said that for both Aaron and I, our favourite was by far the Soap Foam:
Crazy Soap Foam is soap in a can that can be squirted, moulded and bounced into any shape. Get [little ones] to use their imagination and try animals and funny shapes before using it to get squeaky clean.
For us the Crazy Soap Paint came a close second.
Crazy Soap Paint £2.49 is a soap that's a paint and it's available in blue or red. Try painting one hand blue and one hand red and then rub together to make purple before washing off to reveal clean skin underneath.
It has to be said that neither of us liked the Crazy Soap Bath Goo :-( 
Crazy Soap Bath Goo £2.99 is soap that looks like yellow goo. Scoop it and squidge it under running water and turn it into fruity fragranced bubbles for bath time fun that cleans kids as they play.
These products have made bath-time really fun and interactive for both of us.

It's like having messy play in an environment where you can get clean immediately - works for me :-)

Big thumbs up.  Give them a go if you haven't already.

They are recommended for 3 years+ but Aaron is only 21 months and he was fine but clearly needs constant adult supervision.

I'm told that availability is as follows:
Available from Tesco, Morrisons and Lloyds Health Village  
So now for some snaps:

The foam (on the right) - our fav!
 Liska xx


  1. Ooh I've not seen these in the shops before but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled now! Princess is finding bath times more and more of a 'chore' so we're looking for something to make it less of a mission for us!


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