Saturday 3 March 2012

Don't Let It Happen To You

I went to my local cafe today to have lunch and a chat during Aaron's nap.

While the owner is busy, I like to read.  I had nothing with me, and my kindle needs charging.

Only thing that was there was The Sun, but this is what I saw:

Forgive me for posting this.  I really don't even want to think about it or include it in my blog, as I couldn't even begin to imagine, but I also feel obliged to make people aware...

If you have a blind, or know somebody who has, please please warn them. The blind cord is the real issue.

That is all.

Liska xxx


  1. Gosh. I did hear about this. It really doesn't bear thinking about. It's something you would think would never happen. It's a good idea to warn people.

  2. I kind of felt obliged to from the second I picked up the paper (and then my camera) - typical blogger behaviour (the camera bit).
    Thanks for visiting

  3. I heard this on the news yesterday, just tragic :(


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