Wednesday 7 March 2012

My Kid Brother - Boys Clothes

No, I don't have a brother.  And neither does Aaron :-)

But we have recently been on the My Kid Brother website, where we bought 3 things.

Aaron has so far only worn one of them.  This Freaky Denim red hoody.

If you like it, get yourself over there as it is currently £7 instead of £15 (saving of £8), and it is superb quality (very thick) - great for Summer evenings.  Just been on there to get the above link and they still have a 4-5 and 6-7 yrs.

We also got Liverpool FC PJs for Aaron which were really a surprise for Daddy (I've been with him 23 years and never seen him so blown away).... Can't wait to see how he reacts when Aaron wears them for the 1st time.  We also got a t-shirt which he has not worn yet.

I'll leave you pics of my wee male model strutting his stuff :-)

I really think this is a super website for baby clothes for boys.  Superb quality

I think you can really appreciate the quality in this one (the sleeves are doubled back where the ribbed bit is).....

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