Monday 30 April 2012

Dressing a Baby Boy

Aaron’s always beautifully dressed and I pride myself in him looking good.  I actually enjoy dressing a baby boy.

This came as an ABSOLUTE surprise to me, given that until the 20 week scan I thought I was having a girl.

I never dreamed in a million years that I would enjoy dressing a boy, but I do, I really really do!  And I love coordinating him, and surprising myself with the combinations that I come up with when I mix and match.

I have become very fussy about brands and fabrics, and the usual mummy thing of wanting things to “wash well” and my favourite brand since Aaron was born has been NAME IT, and I have never seen their stuff here in the UK.

My relationship with them began, because one of Aaron’s newborn gifts was Name It clothes from my Auntie Angela who lives in Ireland.  Then as I loved the quality so much, each time I have been to Ireland I have grabbed some Name It bits, once in Claremorris and once in Castlebar (both in County Mayo).  Sadly I have never seen Name It stuff here but have never really looked.

Anyway I recently got some online clothes shopping for Aaron from Zalando and was delighted to find that they stock Name It.

I am always on the look out for gorgeous baby boy clothes and on the look out for bargains.  With that in mind, let me tell you that today is the last day of the Zalando SALE.

I wanted to include pictures of my Zalando purchases here, but now that Aaron is 22 months he moves SOOOOOO fast it is nearly impossible to take a picture, but I do have this one, and he is wearing a lovely Zalando Name It t-shirt:

Starting to look like a teenager and at only 22 months!!!

I used to blog about Aaron’s clothes A LOT, in 2010, and I’d like to get back to that.  Even my Silent Sundays were about his clothes (or packing them).

I like to think my Aaron is a stylish little boy...

His feet are now growing at the rate of knots so I am starting to browse more and more for shoes like here  and here. Very tempted by the sandals, but with the recent RAIN RAIN and more RAIN, what I really need at the moment are wellington boots as he is about to move up a class at nursery, and in the new class they have free reign to go outside whenever they want and wellies are compulsory.  Daddy has promised to buy them today.  If he fails to..... #DaddyFail...... hhhhhmmmmm..... I will get them here.  I am your typical new mum.  I shop more online since having a baby.

I hope we can find Thomas The Tank Engine wellies to match Aaron’s coat :-  He absolutely LOVES Thomas.... and now all of the recent MOVIES he has started to watch (as per my Twitter feed today) but more about THAT in the next post....

Bye for now, Liska xxx


  1. It is so hard to find lovely boys clothes. My Dad bought some Name It clothes for JW at Christmas and they are great. I don't know whereabouts you are but they came from a store in Stamford, I believe they do have a website too so if you want me to send you the details just give me a shout! x

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