Monday 30 April 2012

Inner Truth Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of Inner Truth.

Inner Truth

The number 8 has no start and no end (try drawing it) and as such, it represents infinity, a bit like the length of time our inner journey takes.

Every day is a new dawn for me at the moment, and I am taking it one wee step at a time.

The last few years have been very strange for me.

Before getting pregnant I was very sociable.  Then thanks to trying to conceive, I got very sociable online too, mainly via Netmums.

Then my online journey took a different turn, and I blogged more and more, meaning my netmums account go neglected as did my Facebook account.

Blogging got me through the lonely part of maternity leave and the PND that went beyond mat leave (until a few weeks ago).

Unfortunately PND made me go within, so I go for months without meeting up with friends.  It made me quite reclusive, which you'd never guess from my online presence.  And how much of a chatterbox I am at online events.

But, then the last couple of months (since February) even online I have been reclusive, which has meant both online and offline communities were out of limits for me, and the only choice was to go within.

It has meant that my inner journey has accelerated during the last few weeks, which I think was "in the stars" to happen anyway, given the books I was reading a few weeks ago, and the amazing "healer" my Mum introduced me to.

Well I am glad I can now see the wood for the trees, and I am glad I am more focused.  I don't think I was even fully in my body before - I think I was just sleep-walking.

But I am back.  Even my voice is different.  I knew it when I listened back to my LBC podcast - I thought THAT is me.  I am back.

I don't wish PND on anyone, but I am so glad it is behind me.

Now I need to focus on my behind and getting to that size 12 I have promised myself by August.

Now for the linky and Monday blog hop.  Link up below.

I am gonna get this blog back on track with a lot of content, and resume the upbeat posts about Aaron that Claire misses.

Liska xxx

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  1. I look forward to it. Sounds like you've had quite a journey. xxx

  2. I am seriously glad that you have come through it, it is a horrible illness. I look forward to reading your new blog posts :) x


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