Wednesday 25 July 2012

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I am far far far from an expert, but when Midlife Single Mum asked me to share tips, I kind of took her seriously, so here they are.  Everyone has their "thang" and my geeky thang is having my blog come up as search result 1, on page 1, when searching the words I would use... Geeky but true!

As I said yesterday I am trying to build my page views at the moment.

Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3

Tips as I know them today - they are not intended to be exhaustive - I am a Mummy Blogger not a SEO expert.
  1. Tweet out your posts - this really does work!
  2. Use H1 relevant headings - tells your readers and the search engines what your post is about.
  3. Link to your (relevant) posts in your post - people will read them too.
  4. Publish what is on your mind - if it is topical and you are thinking about it, no doubt someone else out there will be too.  For example, I don't like Wenlock and Mandeville and wrote about it - I then discovered I am far far from alone in feeling this way!
  5. I found this post, and commented, and my comment is now sending further traffic my way (that wasn't my intention when I commented but it is nice nonetheless).
  6. Link to whoever and whatever you want to - don't be selfish with your links.  An attitude of gratitude is infectious.
  7. If the reason you blog is as an escape from just being a Mummy, then don't blog about just being a Mummy - blog about what's on your mind - it is cathartic not only for you, but for your readers too.
  8. Do what makes YOU happy.  I am my happiest when Google picks up on my content, so I love it when I see figure 1, 2 and 3 above.
  9. When you learn stuff, don't be afraid to share it
  10. Build your community - know who your readers are and engage with them.
  11. If someone writes a follow up post to your post, then you may feel in 7th heaven - I did.  So I returned the favour and wrote a follow up to the follow up.  If your diary is a bit of a journal, there is no harm in letting people steer your path, as them reading what you are saying is having the same effect on them.
  12. With the above in mind, don't pollute the atmosphere (or cybersphere) - we share a consciousness, and we want it to be a good one.
  13. If your post is principally to help people, use the words that they may search for.
  14. Don't have regrets - write now before it's too late - I missed a whole chapter of my son's life on my blog (I spent that time on Netmums and Facebook - back in Summer 2010).
  15. I can never give you tips as good as what is written HERE, so please do have a read.  It's worth clicking through for 2 reasons - for the traffic tips but also because you just have to watch the Sleepwalking video at the end.
I'll come back and add to this if I think of more.... or add some tips to the comments :-) share share share.

Liska - New Mum Online


  1. thanks for these thoughts and tips. I have difficulty even doing links, so just putting thoughts out there is enormous for me...and I love it when people respond, really respond. Thanks for sharing your courage! :)

  2. I thought I'd commented already but maybe it didn't go through. Thanks for the tips (and the mention). I'm inspired and will certainly be following some of these. Thans again - Rachel


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