Thursday 26 July 2012

After a Few False Starts - Day 1 - Master Cleanse

Despite intending to start the cleanse on Monday, I had various fails, Monday Tuesday Wednesday so therefore am starting properly today.

Also today, I am going to see Gareth Edwards with my husband.  We are going to get Live Blood Analysis.  Last time I had it done was probably 2007 or 8.

I want to see what my blood is like before and after the cleanse.  To see does it really cleanse the body as much as is thought.

I am hoping seeing his blood onscreen will be the incentive my husband needs to change his diet.  The blood needs us to be slightly alkaline and therefore an acidic diet is BAD for us.  As my husband has chronic eczema, I am sure a change in nutrition would benefit him.  I have never been able to convince him of this, but I am hoping his own blood may speak to him...

Despite the fact that I have already started reading The Artists Way I have also now started reading The Gratitude Effect by Dr John F Demartini, as recommended by The Mummy Whisperer.

This book really makes clear the benefits to be had if you can be grateful every day - in fact starting and ending the day, by thinking of the things you are grateful for.  We even have to embrace the challenges.  Gratitude and love makes us expand, and negativity makes us contract.

With that in mind, I want to again participate in Mich's super Reasons to Be Cheerful.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

  1. The sun is shining - it is hot - in fact it is glorious!
  2. I am off work and enjoying the time to think, breathe and grow!
  3. Yesterday I discovered there is such a thing as a free lunch and a free dinner after all (regulars will remember my last post on that).  I went to the post office yesterday to post the insolvency forms (yuk) and whilst there bumped into my dear friend Sandra who looked after Aaron for my first 5 months back at work, before he went to nursery.  She invited me back to hers, with her sister and made me a beautiful lunch. I then left to have a shower and collect Aaron and we went back there for a beautiful dinner.  Aaron had hours and hours in her garden and we all enjoyed it - it was like therapy.  He was running, blowing bubbles, being a 2 year old and we were all laughing - fun in the sun.  I loved the synchronicity that I bumped into her.  Also that I bumped into the Canadian church people, on the same day, yesterday.  Dr Demartini I am truly grateful for all my lovely coincidences yesterday.
  4. I am grateful that I am going to Ireland again in August - I am already looking forward to it.
Anyway lots to do, so best dash.

Liska xx
New Mum Online


  1. Lovely post. I need to do a serious detox and sort my life style out. Also you have inspired me to write my list if things to be grateful for before going to bed again, it really helps me to sleep alot better!

  2. A great post, what lovely reasons to be cheerful xx

  3. I like that you seem to be taking control of things and you sound upbeat which is all good in my book.

  4. A detox maybe what I need! I am staying upbeat with I impending bankruptcy looming...

  5. What lovely reasons to be cheerful! I love your approach to being grateful, it makes you realise what you've got to smile about xx


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