Thursday 12 July 2012

Fun on our holidays in Ireland

My blog is a little quiet as we (Aaron and I) are in Ireland (since Saturday 7th July).

Aaron is having a great time, to say the least.  He loves the open space and the sense of freedom.  I think country living suits him down to the ground.

I will insert a link to a Flickr account here, as there are too many photos to include.

We've been busy every day since we arrived.  Soft play, and swimming both really tire him out and as the excitement of being here means he won't nap, they are the only things to make him conk out...

I had hoped for a bit of a break, but the best chance I get for a break is when we are in the soft play area as my cousin Michelle goes in with Aaron and I get chance to hear my own thoughts, have a coffee, and now for the 1st time since I arrived, get on the internet, thanks to the loan of my Aunt's dongle.

God I have never used one and they are SUPER things.  Here I am at the coffee area of the soft play, with my laptop and the "3" wireless internet thingy beside me.  Loving it.  And soft play is on a bigger scale here as space isn't at such a premium as in London.

Aaron simply loves Michelle so they're having a great time :-)

I love the slide in this soft play - when we were here the day before yesterday I went on it a few times myself.

ONLY problem with this soft play area is that the lunch menu only consists of chips, nuggets and sausages... such a shame.

Bye for now.  Hopefully I will get on the internet again at some point.

Liska x

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  1. Glad to hear you're having a good time. I would love to visit Ireland one day.


Drop me a line, and I will visit you right back - as soon as I get chance. Thanks for your comment.