Wednesday 18 July 2012

George Michael is BACK

Was your childhood defined by Wham and George Michael like mine was?

If so, then you need to know that he is making a comeback.
You need to know that he has a new formidable single called White Light.

If being a mother means a lot of news passes you by and goes over your head (like with me) then let me share a couple of things with you.

Firstly, I listened to this excellent radio interview on LBC 97.3 yesterday.  They are making it freely available (normally to listen to LBC podcasts you have to subscribe).  Anyway it is a very funny interview (listen to George's West Country accent - hilarious!) James O'Brien is the interviewer and like me was a Wham fan. (Didn't know that boys were - they weren't in my school or maybe they kept it a secret).

Anyway, after listening to the above radio interview LIVE yesterday, I then heard and watched him being interviewed on Lorraine today.  THAT prompted me to finally go on You Tube and watch the new single White Light.  The one I stumbled on first happened to be a Lyrics version which does not show the VIDEO itself, but I was glad of that as it really let me focus on the lyrics. Look!

Now, I am going to leave this blog post for a second to see if I can find the video as apparently Kate Moss is in it (according to his interview today with Lorraine).

Be back in a mo!

Found it. For both videos, wait for the small advert at the beginning to finish. That is not George :-)

So what do you think?

I love him.

And, apparently he will be part of the closing ceremony for the Olympics, which he keeps saying he is not allowed to talk about.

He confirmed what the press have been saying about Olympics performing artists: the contract they were expected to sign was a nightmare to say the least.

Have they got anything right with the Olympics? I am waiting with baited breath to see the Olympics go off with a bang, well! I want to be proud of England when the world's eyes are upon us!

Boris please get it right for once.

Maybe with Seb Coe at the helm all will be well? Another icon from a bygone era.


  1. Love George. He adorned my bedroom wall (I drew a moustache and antenna on Andrew) when I was little. Still love him now. I watched the video yesterday (I also love Kate Moss) but I didn't think it was up too much. What was the zebra about? whoosh over my head. Going to see him in concert in October and really looking forward to it. I hope he is part of the Closing Ceremony - he deserves to be. One reason I really like him is that he's not afraid to take the mickey out of himself. His appearance last year for Comic Relief was fantastic. Great post and keep the Faith!! Michelle x

  2. I was a huge Wham fan. I even had big diamond-shaped ear rings that said Wham on them in neon colours, which I would love to get my hands on again but sadly they are gone! And thanks for the tip-off about the album. Who knew that you could learn about current affairs from a mummy blog?

  3. Gah!! You truly are my double!!


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