Wednesday 18 July 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups - The Rain Turned The Road into a River

I am joining in with the 100 word challenge for grown ups and it is week 50


So, I go for a day trip on a farm.

It’s July.

It’s Summer.

I take the boy.

I take the wellies.

The day is to be all about the animals.

A city boy and a city mum go to the farm.

The animals take a back seat.

The weather gets all the attention.

… the rain turned the road into a river…

So the wellies became the saviour!

The puddles and the splash the prize.

You need to be two years old to see that every cloud truly does have a silver lining?

Maybe the road needed to be a river.

Maybe water is the route to joy?

Photo taken on Friday 6th July 2012 at Willows Farm Village


  1. Argh! Sorry, thats the second time this week I've commented on someones blog using my husband's account details! Well, I was trying to say that I loved this post, so I'll still say that but now you get a picture of his face too! Oops!

    1. I have removed it completely as it looked odd saying "this post has been removed by the author" and until yours I worried a little.
      Anyway, we now can't see his face, so all is well and his identity is protected.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Liska x

  2. I meant to say: Water always wins when you're two! Sorry I keep making too many typos and not reading it over before sending.

  3. Ha ha, another one to be removed. My post seems to have put you all in a pickle tee hee.
    Again, thanks for popping over.
    Liska xxx

  4. As a Christian, I'd say the water is ALWAYS the route to joy, but as a mom, the water even wins when they are 18! LOL! and we never get to truly make the plans, do we? WEll done! :)

    1. Thank you and thank you for making me "think" this week :-)
      Liska x

  5. What a cute little story! I can just see the two year old delightedly stomping his feet to see how big a splash he can make.

    1. Thankfully wellies and puddles are new to him, so he didn't quite do that.
      He was in awe of it though, like in the snap

  6. A child's imagination is a wonderful thing indeed.
    Good use of the prompt!


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