Thursday 5 July 2012

Packing a TRUNKI - going on holiday with my baby boy

Well... I came up with the idea of trying to get all of Aaron's clothes packed in his hand luggage: Trunki, and barring his vests and PJs, I did it!

This is how I achieved it, step by step (although instead of writing this post I should be getting MY stuff packed)!!!!

Picked a mixture of 15 shirts and tees that I want to take for him

Ooooops - eeek - Found two more!

All stored neatly and folded neatly in one side of the Trunki!

7 jeans folded in the other half of the Trunki!

4 tracki bottoms added on top

Pushing it with some shorts added on top!

Don't forget the Thomas swimming trunks!

And had to sit on it to get it to close!

It's bursting at the seams but I did it! The orange bit on the left shouldn't be bowing like that!
So now I know that I have (for my stuff) my hand luggage plus my suitcase which I paid extra to have as 20kg instead of 15kg (bloody Ryan Air), so the pressure is off as I know I only have to pack Aaron's vests and PJs.  So I am glad now I didn't extravagantly pay for us to have a case each like I did when we went August last year (yes, that is how long it is since I have last been to Ireland and that is how long it is since my Mum has seen Aaron).

Anyway, I can't believe I am writing this instead of packing as our flight is 07:30 a.m. Saturday and I can't pack tomorrow as Aaron has a school trip (with nursery) to the farm, and it includes parents, so that's me sorted for tomorrow but really means I need to pack tonight.

That's how addictive blogging is, I am writing this instead!

Bye for now, Liska xxx

I am back 25th July to add some detail to this post.  The jeans were actually rolled rather than folded above and I did the same on our way back and it worked a treat.

Oh and I DID end up packing after the farm trip on Friday (above) but at least it was only my stuff as Aaron's was all taken care of the in Trunki!

This is photos from when I was packing on the way home:


Nah. Add another couple on top.
Again that just left PJs and vests/socks to go in my luggage so we were able to cope with ONE case for the two of us for 10 days, but I did pay Ryanair extra for 20kg, as I know it is hard packing 15kg and I didn't want excess luggage.

Bye again, 25 July 2012
Liska - New Mum Online


  1. Impressive! (your packing skills and the Tardis-like interior of a Trunki)

    1. The beauty of really neat folding and the fact that the Trunki has 2 equal deeeep sides, rather than a case and a lid.
      But it is now Friday evening and I still have not packed my things :-(
      Could have done some yesterday in the time I spent writing this post.
      Pressure is really on now, as the flight is at 07:30 - doh!

      You are probably a seasoned packer with how frequently you travel, but last time we flew was 11 months ago.

      Thank you for visiting.

      Liska xx

  2. How long are you going for? You've packed a LOT of clothes :)

    1. Is it really too much. I have made sure he has 12-15 outfits as we are going to 10 days and I am allowing for "kids get dirty/have accidents".
      My Mum has a washing machine but does not have a tumble drier of washing line so I am taking enough to last us through.
      I thought I did well to fit it all in BUT the above did not include vests or PJs and as they are also 12-15 they have taken up space - one in my hand luggage the other in my suitcase.
      Thanks for visiting

  3. Despite being packed and bursting at the seams, it made it to Ireland AND back, with that load and meant I could bring one suitcase instead of two, thereby saving myself £50 with Ryanair x


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