Wednesday 4 July 2012

What Are My Strengths

Well today in no uncertain terms I found out the answer to that question: What Are My Strengths?

And it wasn't a question I had asked, but facing redundancy at the end of the week it was certainly a question I would soon need to be asking myself.

How refreshing to have the answer before you've posed the question.

That is the beauty of an Astrological Birth Chart Reading.  No this is not a sponsored post - I paid the full £60 required but got more than good value for money.

What generated my interest and caused me to make the booking was a newsletter by Devotion.  As I have known Carolyn for years I trusted her opinion and clicked through to the website she had linked to in the paragraph about the "stars" (entitled AstroZo).

I was hooked and this was only yesterday.  Fired off the email with the self-limiting belief that I wouldn't fit an appointment in before I set off for Ireland.

Although we are both in North London, I did not have to leave the house - we conducted the whole hour long session on Skype and it was very refreshing to use the technology of the modern age to talk about these modern times and what they have in store for moi!

I could totally feel her energy without leaving my home.

The reason I headed this post up in the way I did is because that is what I took from the session and it was the confidence boost that I needed, having been on the PAYE treadmill since the age of 15, having put myself through university.

I have never backpacked round India or taken a career break; even my maternity leave was encroached on by an evil boss who made me work from home for 3 months with just the pay for 10 keeping in touch days in return when I easily did triple that.

So to suddenly be without a job and no longer tied to "the man" the future requires a big leap of faith for me.

But not so much when I hear that the energy is supporting me - like REALLY supporting me.

She said that 9-5 is economic slavery and what is more important in 2012 and the age of aquarius is what you are BEING and how you are interacting - what you have to offer, what is your inherent value to others, to society.

I will do what I care about and I will work to make it last.  I am quality over quantity (so very true).

I am a modern thinker with the ability to express myself over the internet (well I know I had no trouble with my unscripted 8 minute You Tube video which all just fell off the tongue).

I am a natural communicator and I must turn my CV upside down so that I look at hobbies and interests first.  Energise the future and make it a reality.

I am a natural teacher - once I learn something I have no trouble teaching it to others - this was so the case in one of my previous jobs - I LOVE managing a team and teaching them how to excel!

I see the world as a puzzle (ooh that is soooo me!)

She said blogging is good for me.  I am a natural peacemaker and balancer.  Helping people to recalibrate.

From 12 July to 3 August the "stars" will give me structure and independence, backbone, substance and I will feel in control.

I will know my own mind and come from a place of integrity.  I will realise that you can't change someone who does not want to be changed - you hit a brick wall.

I have had Jupiter giving me back my sovereignty for 1.5 years to 2 years.  (I had felt that and assumed it was something to do with motherhood as it coincided with Aaron's lifetime).

25 to 29 July a massive shift is in store for me that will "clear out that which no longer serves me".  It is massive in the sense that it only happens once every 12 years.

So I have until end July to do a lot of clearing, which I think is why I had intuitively booked Ireland - it is NOT the right time to be looking for a job - I need to unwind, download, clear and rejuvenate.  Go within!

I need to clear out debri!

Come 29 August I will step forward in an empowered way - and you know that sits well with me - that is something I can feel - it resonates with me.  It feels and sounds right!

19 August to 26 August will see major things happening.

In August I will come into my power.

I will become aware of the power of my speech.

This year 2012 is all about clearing out and making room. 

This year 2012 is all about collectively regaining our power from the hamster wheel.

Humans are only 4% matter and 96% energy - yet we focus 100% on the 4% - no wonder we tie ourselves up in knots!

She said I should think of myself more as a Relationship Manager than a HR Manager.

She said I need to shine my light and help other people but also BE served.

Break free of working rat race.

Going to Ireland in July (and I am even considering going again in August) will enable me to step "out of time" to see the bigger picture and I will make different decisions come December September.

I love the final note that I made during the reading:

"Only value you have in life is the value you give to yourself!"

If you think a reading will help you, and boost you the way it did me, this is Zoe's website and the readings avaiable are listed here.  You could even try Skype like me and you won't need to leave home.

Bye for now, Liska x

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  1. Helping people to recalibrate is a good way of phrasing blogging! Thank you very much for linking up.

  2. You have certainly helped me recalibrate on several occasions through your blog! I had a full Astrological reading a few years ago (actually nearly a decade ago now!) and so much was spot on and incredibly helpful. As an Aquarian I find all of this stuff utterly fascinating and I am also feeling the shift in energies quite dramatically - it's leaving me all over the place, fighting against the rut I find myself in but with a very clear feeling that very soon I will be moving forward again... Maybe I need to save some pennies and have a chat with Zoe...

  3. Definitely she is AWESOME. I think it is £35 for 30 mins. I opted for 60 for 60.
    She is very very easy to talk to and very accommodating.

    I am humbled that you say that by the way.

    I am at a point where I don't know whether to open up more on my blog or make it back to a twee blog all about Aaron. I had received no comments on the last 4 posts which had kind of made my mind up, but you have regained my confidence so thank you loads for that.

    She (Zoe) really helped me today with things I knew intuitively but needed clarity on.

    I have just booked just now to go to Ireland again in August, based on what it is the charts for me, and I knew it was the right thing to do beforehand but that expanded my consciousness on the subject.

    Liska xx


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