Tuesday 3 July 2012

Working from Home

Today I worked from home and it was odd.  My dining table has been transformed by 2 of these beasties with my work laptop on top, with a separate keyboard attached:
I have used these for years as there is nothing worse than hunching over a laptop - yes I do so at home but never have at work.  DSE assessments and all that H&S workstation assessment stuff!

I would take a photo, but surrounding it is all the stuff I had to sweep to one side to make room to set up work on the table, so it aint looking great!

The reason today was odd, is if I worked I felt like I should be doing housework, and if I did any housework I felt like I should be working.

I had to strike a balance, and just keep the housework to before 9, in a "lunch break" and after 5 p.m.

"Working" at my dining table was quite odd.  When I cleared the office I even took the landline home with me and it rung a few times today - funny, it is my same office work number as it is an "internet" phone which means you get to keep your number no matter where you plug it in - I found that dead cool!

So, even though I am being made redundant and have left my office I have a stay of execution, with this week, this working from home week, being my final week.  I feel like I am being weaned off work.

And then Friday I have a day at the farm with Aaron's nursery (booked months ago) and then we are off to Ireland for 10 days on Saturday (booked recently as I am going away with my head in the sand instead of looking for a new job) so it is quite a hectic week.

Yes, I could stay, put on my high heels and do the interview circuit, but having been "in administration" for 2 months I am in need of recuperation and R&R.

I was meant to go to Ireland in May, also for 10 days, and cancelled it and lost my flight money due to the whole administration thing, so once my last day was confirmed the 1st thing I did was re-book (with no financial benefit from my last flight which just went to the RyanAir grave yard in the sky)!

I am quite looking forward to watching my Mum play with Aaron while I *hopefully* put my feet up.  I should also have lots of cousins, or kids of cousins, for him to play with.  We are already planning to attend a party at 2 o'clock on Sunday and there'll be a bouncy castle there, so the future is bright after all :-)

Bye for now, Liska

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  1. Hope you have a nice time in Ireland. I work from home all the time and although it does have some advantages the disadvantages are those you mention. My dining room table is permanently covered in papers, files and the lap-top. I always feel guilty as though I should be doing the washing or starting the dinner and if I'm doing house stuff I think about the things I need to do for work. The result is that I end up doing far more for work than I would if i worked in an office and I'm always feeling guilty about something. I'm beginning to realise how much I quite liked the boundaries of working in an office.


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