Tuesday 28 August 2012

That's Funny

Last night, Aaron, hubby and I went to bed at the same time, 21:30 as the husband was starting work at 3:30 a.m. this morning!

When we got into bed (Aaron and I) the hubby was already asleep but I said to him "why is there a BHS receipt for 3 pairs of trousers in the kitchen, yet when we emptied the boot of the car, there was no BHS bag?"

I didn't hear the husband's answer because Aaron was between the 2 of us, and the husband had his back to me, so I asked him 3 times.

By the time he gave an answer that I heard, he was furious (as he was going to be having 4 hours sleep at best) and this is his 4th day in a row doing that shift.

Anyway, my meek answer to his fury was "well I need to establish if you are having an affair".

My husband pissed himself laughing, which at first I found funny (that he went from fury to laughter so quickly) but then I got nervous, that he was incredulous that I have the cheek to ask such a question, given the lack of - ahem *coughs*.....

Anyway he finally stopped laughing and said "If I was going to have an affair I wouldn't do it in £15 BHS trousers"...

Then the hubby and I laughed and out of the blue Aaron stopped drinking his bottle to say "that's funny" at the top of his voice.  Given that he hadn't spoken or moved in over 10 minutes it was HILARIOUS (maybe you needed to be there)?

Anyway we then laughed and laughed and laughed, which Aaron responded to with "My God" and again "that's funny" to which we were all in hysterics and I had tears streaming down my face...


After that, it took 2 hours to get Aaron to sleep; two hours in which I had intended getting back up to do housework.  I was so drained when he finally slept, that I slept too.

The reason he says "My God" is because that has become my expletive of choice ever since Aaron copied my previous one "for fuck sake".  Thankfully he has not said it in weeks...... and I am constantly watching my language, but it is becoming easier, now that I am not in the habit of saying it ;-)

Liska xxx

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