Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Gallery - Sky

I wish I'd known yesterday that the prompt for this week's The Gallery would be sky!  What a superb prompt.  I would have done this post first thing this morning had I have known.

So *runs off to flip through photos*

Drumroll :-)

Upon perusing my photos from my recent trip to Ireland, the above sky photo appears to be the only one I have.

It is my Mum in the photo, at my Uncle's house, but the reason I took it was due to the row of birds.

EVERY evening they do this.  They all land at the same time, fly off at the same time, fly back at the same time and so it goes on.  Like a game.  You could just sit and watch them for an hour.  And the lines go as far as my eyes can see too, and there are 3 rows of them.  Click on the photo to big it up and you can really enjoy them :-)

The following photos are of chemtrails and I could not believe how many of them there were on the day we returned from Ireland, hence I took the photos:


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