Saturday 8 September 2012

Horsie Horsie Don't You Stop

Yesterday we went on a lovely long walk with Sandra.

Aaron walked for a total of 4 hours non-stop - he has so much stamina.

And I risked going buggy free and it was fine.

We went to see the horses which Aaron loves:

It was hot yesterday, despite it being September and we had a lovely day.

We even took in the slides and swings - well a two year old won't let you walk passed them without a visit.

The highlight of the day was Aaron finishing an Ice Cream Van cone for the first time every but boy did he look funny while eating it:

Today is hot but I couldn't think of anything to do.  Staying in has made me gutted as we haven't spent a day indoors since June.....

We might go for a walk this evening as I have cabin fever.

Liska xxx


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