Wednesday 5 September 2012

I blushed twice today

The chap I buy my coffee off every morning said "Hello Gorgeous" this morning, and I blushed.

The lady who I speak to when I collect Aaron from nursery said that Aaron was very good today, and even said he came up to her and said "Aaron good boy" to make sure she noticed he was being good today.

She said that at lunch (12) and at dinner (5 p.m.) both times he got up from the table and handed in his empty plate to the kitchen.

I said "Is that naughty to leave the table before others?" to which she said "no it is really assertive and confident; he must get it from his Mum".

Oh God I blushed for about 10 minutes after that, and still do everytime I think about it.

I know I am not backwards in coming forwards with letting the nursery know what I think, but oh my ;-)

Anyhow, today I got nails, hair, leg wax, eyebrow wax, and clothes for interviews.

Job world here I come.

Liska x

Just proofread this before I hit publish and realised that the "oh my" sounds like a line from Fifty Shades - ha ha!

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  1. Aha, you sound like you are in a very good place atm. Sounds good. Good luck with interviews xx.


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