Tuesday 4 September 2012

I walked to school

Whilst lots of boys and girls may be going back to school today, for Aaron it's a little different.

First of all he is only two years old.

Secondly his nursery only closed for 2 weeks during the summer, but he is only there Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays anyhow.

Today he insisted on walking to "school".

It is the FIRST TIME I have dared leave the house without the buggy.

We have had our trusty reins since Christmas, but as Aaron had previously refused to wear them, they were not used and I always opted for the buggy despite him being a strong walker and runner.

Well, when we went to Brighton we could only possibly do it with reins as there would be a bus, tube and train, (plus the pier & beach) to cope with there and back.  Safety was paramount.  Because his precious cousin (only 2 boys out of 6 cousins) was holding the reins, it was a positive experience for him and he is now happy to use them, and even happy now if Mum is holding them.  What a result and what a step forward (forgive the pun).

So I'll share some pics with you. The reins we use are here.  I paid full price for them in Babies R Us, in store.  No discount - this is NOT a sponsored post.

The reins are invaluable to me, as the risk of him running in the road is just too high.

First Day loving the reins, when we went to Brighton (this is on the pier)

Yesterday in Alexandra Palace (walk down from Little Dinosaurs) - loving the reins

Today letting Mummy walk him to "school"


  1. They look really cute! Hoping to get some when Dylan can walk in the hope of tiring him out a bit! looks like he loved the freedom x

  2. we have the bee one, i love it

    1. ah great and thank you for visiting & commenting xxx


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