Tuesday 4 September 2012

When Can We Go Back to Thomas Land?

I am starting to think kids can sometimes have too much of a good thing.

Aaron has had the Summer of his dreams.  We have been here there and everywhere.

Friday we even took him to Thomas Land.

Tonight since I collected him from nursery at 6 p.m. he must have said 10 times at different points in the evening "want to go to Thomas Land".

At the little age of two, he is too young to understand that it is not a place you go everyday.

Even his cousin, who is four, said on Monday that we should go again and bring her sister, as the other day there was only room for me and Dad in the front and 2 of the 3 cousins in the back, meaning we took the eldest and youngest, but not the middle girl.  I had to explain to the four year old that we did not have anyone [this Monday] to drive us.  She wanted to go yesterday when it was just me and them and I don't drive.  Staffordshire is not round the corner either.

For regulars reading this post, yes, I succumbed and took them out Monday, despite doing that big goodbye and blog post Sunday, after taking them swimming.

Once I found out they weren't going back till Tuesday and once I saw the SUN Monday morning, off I went and collected them and we had another amazing day at Little Dinosaurs in Ally Pally.

Anyway, September is now really here and the job hunt is in full steam.  Ironic I am talking about steam given that this post is about a train engine :-)

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