Tuesday 18 September 2012

Kate Middleton's Diamond Jubilee tour and those photos - Hello Magazine

Prince William's eye was first turned when he saw Kate Middleton looking like this:

So we already knew that she is not an entirely conservative girl.  And I guess he did too!  They are a young couple, who it would seem, genuinely fell in love.  They are the most popular royal couple in a long time!

Yes they have been subject to a recent scandal... and invasion of their privacy

... But FULL respect, I bought Hello Magazine today and there is a weighty coverage - in fact 21 pages of photos - of their Diamond Jubilee Tour (on behalf of the Queen) and she looks demure, confident, stylish, and very conservative.  In fact when arriving at the Istaba Negara Palace her upper arms are covered and the dress is full length in respect of religious protocol.  Just as Diana did before her, she wore a head covering to enter a mosque and proved that women can look stunning (and radiant) with their hair covered as many countries know all too well.

In fact, it was that image on the cover that made me buy the magazine.

Here is my photo of Hello's cover; this is the head covering I mean:

Doesn't she look stunning!

Editors take note; it's not boobs that sell! At least not to me!

It's romantic photos like this that I love!

If you arrived on the planet and bought Hello Magazine, you'd see a stunning girl who gives her late Mother In Law (God bless her soul) a run for her money in the style stakes, and you wouldn't dream of the scandal that sadly overshadowed their tour.

They are a young couple clearly very much in love, and the photos that so invaded their privacy were taken during a moment when they got away from the crowds and were a bit liberal.  She obviously didn't want tan marks and felt comfortable to do what she did.  Naive maybe.

When the story initially broke, I assumed she'd done it on a private beach and I thought silly girl.  But when I realised that they were on a private balcony (at Lord Linley's private and remote chateau), I started to think differently.

What has come to light on radio chat shows however is a point little discussed in the press, which is if a long range lens could point and shoot then what else?  Was their security AND their privacy at risk?

Anyway, if you want to get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth that Closer (France) gave you, closely followed by the printing of the images in Italy and Ireland, then I invite you to get Hello, issue 1244, dated 24 September 2012, as the photos (and outfits) in there are stunning to say the least.  I have been through google images and none of them come close.

It certainly made me put the other business behind me.

Kate you have done us proud.  As Hello says on page 79 "Kate looked every inch the princess".

And we've been asking for the Monarchy to modernise for years and years; that's what Harry and Kate are doing no?  Us British were always accused of being too fuddy duddy - not any longer ;-)

If you want to see why you should buy the mag here is my sneek peek:

Unfortunate thumbnail there (which I haven't chosen and can't control) but maybe apt, given the scandal we are trying to overcome.  All covered up with her dignity and reputation intact!

Liska x

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  1. Hooray for an excellent article, like you I was saddened that there are still paparazzi out there willing to take these photos to earn dirty money, I hope karma sorts him out.
    Kate does us very proud and I am one of the royal couple fans, well done you for bringing this to light....it's been a long time since I bought Hello magazine but now I may have to nip out and treat myself


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