Wednesday 19 September 2012

The Gallery - Breakfast - JUICE - a liquid breakfast AKA liquid sunshine

The prompt over at Sticky Fingers this week is: breakfast!

At the moment, JUICE is breakfast.

Today it was me experimenting:
  • 4 oranges, 
  • a quarter of a pineapple, 
  • a decent chunk of ginger, and 
  • half a grapefruit.
The grapefruit and the ginger gave it a bang! Very refreshing and a sure way to wake you up without caffeine!

All juiced in my KT 100 juicer (my new toy) - love it!

Yes there are only 3 oranges in the photo but I did use a 4th after taking the pic.  The jug shows how little pulp came from all that.   What did come, was a hell of a lot of juice!  Pure liquid gold!  That's why a good juicer is invaluable, as you get a higher yield for your produce.  Yes the outlay on the juicer is a lot but you get it back in juice!!!

Yesterday it was OJ with a kick (page 55 from Jason Vale's The Funky Fresh Juice Book).

Please excuse the blurriness of the photos but they are photos of pages in a book! Not sure what I did wrong there!

Jason says of oranges:
"You must peel before juicing, as the oils in the skin of oranges are indigestible to humans. When you do, leave as much of the white pith as possible - most of the nutrients are found there and it makes the juice taste creamy (he's right!)  You really have never tasted fresh orange juice until you have juiced one with the pith on! (right again!).

I am sure some of you have juicers and you probably use them for hard fruit and veg like carrot and apple.  Take Jason's word for it on the oranges - I have had them two days in a row now - delicious!

Only trouble is I think I can do better as the oranges were from Tesco and yes the creaminess is there, but the oranges themselves are lacking flavour, so next oranges I buy will be from a market!

By the way my chopping board picture above is to show that I did leave a decent amount of pith on.  I seem to achieve this when I peel them with a knife (too much comes off when I peel by hand) but maybe it is just me.

Liska xxx


  1. Wow, that looks and sounds amazing and definitely would get me moving in the morning!

    1. Thank you for your lovely choice of words, and for visiting x

  2. What a great way to start the day. Love the OJ and pineapple combo x.

  3. Looks healthy and delicious! I must find out Jason is, he seems to know his stuff.

  4. A fruity boost to kick start the day - great for the metabolism too! x

  5. Great post. My mother bougfht a juicer then never used it.

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