Wednesday 19 September 2012



5 Truths According to Women

Before and After Bare Minerals (taken today) - took 6 minutes to look good for lunch with a girlfriend

The days we don't wear makeup we tell ourselves we look okay without it.  In fact isn't it better to be beautiful naturally? The truth, a bit of slap transforms us!

We've been on a diet for over 20 years.  None of them work! The truth, we know exactly where we're going wrong but we choose to pig out and over indulge!

We know what to do to grow.  The truth, we self-sabotage; we are scared of success!

Blogging is a hobby.  The truth, we could do it from sun up to sun down.

Mums give us good advice.  The truth, we only understand it all once we are a mum ourselves.


  1. I agree with every single one although I have to admit that I don't wear make-up in the summer. You look so pretty in the 'after' photo.

    1. Thank you darling. It was first time using web cam for a photo on the blog, and the colouring aint great so you can't really see the "full" effect of the makeup which is a shame.
      Thanks as always for visiting and commenting. Love ya!
      Liska x

  2. oohhhh I'm liking your number 5 A LOT!

    1. Yeah, you can see it from all angles, being a daughter, Mum, and Gran. I am sure you can relate to that one on so many levels.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Liska xx

    2. Yep number 5?is the one solid truth that none of us ever wants to admit!

    3. You know my mum had me really really young, so we were always like best mates, and I don't know if it was PND or what but we fought like cat and dog after Aaron was born. LUCKILY this year we are now so close we speak on the phone more than once a day. No coincidence that our relationship repaired once my PND was gone. Yet when we were fighting, it was always HER fault - never mine. We sometimes forget what we always say in Kundalini yoga - which is "the other person is you".
      Our relationships with our Mums are very interesting.
      Actually Mummy, thanks for visiting xx

  3. All great wisdom. No.2 made me laugh. So bloody true.


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