Sunday 21 October 2012


The subject heading consists of 7 x Dallas, as that is how many episodes I watched in one day yesterday.

Bloody hell it is good stuff, and JR, wow, he is still on top form, as is his son!  Great stuff!

I was in a depressed mood yesterday, feeling a little sorry for myself.  We'd had a PJ day due to weather, Friday, and I didn't really want another.  So we went to my friend's house and when Aaron fell asleep for nap, she introduced me to Dallas.  We were on the 3rd episode when Aaron woke up - hungry!

I said I'll have to go home and make him dinner but his first request was chips.  I left him with my friend and RAN to get chips but got us an Indian as well and the 3 of us had a picnic on her wooden sitting room floor.  We ended up watching all 7 episodes.  Aaron was oblivious and running round, enjoying having 2 ladies giving him attention.

Anyway if you have been avoiding Dallas like I had, you don't know what you're missing.

I honestly never expected it to be a patch on what it is.  They've managed to pay respect to the Dallas of the past whilst also making it edgy and current - they have honestly pulled it off.

They commissioned season 2 before season 1 aired, as they are that confident that they're on to a good thing and I'd have to agree with them.

Reader, have you been watching it? My stats tell me that half my readers are from the USA.  So are you all watching? Are you as impressed as me?  Let me know, I would love to know who reads my blog, and I'd love to visit you back at your blogs.

Oh and before anyone gets critical of me having too much time on my hands, to be able to watch that much TV, I haven't watched anything I like on TV for about 10 months, so I am just re-finding my TV mojo, thank you!

And the mood I woke up in yesterday, I definitely needed cheering up.

Liska xx

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  1. I loved Dallas the first time around, and have been dipping in and out of the new Dallas. Love the new faces in familiar surroundings x.


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