Monday 29 October 2012

Don't Assume Anything: Thomas Land

Don't assume it'll be cold up North.
It wasn't.

Similarly, don't assume it'll be cold if you visit Thomas Land in October.
It wasn't ...  It was sunny in the morning and even when it clouded over our jackets were sufficient.

The ONLY time we could have done with gloves was when on the dizzy heights of the cable car (God I was scared and cold up there).

Don't assume you'll queue for a long time with it being half term.
We didn't.  The only thing we queued for a while for was the cable car and it wasn't anything close to the 90 mins we were queuing, on average, for rides in August.

Don't assume the only train is the Thomas one.  (In August we did, but not so today).
We went on a train journey in the Drayton Manor part of the theme park that we enjoyed way more.  Yes there wasn't the novelty of it being pulled by the Thomas steam engine but the scenery and ride was way better.  All 3 of us agreed on that.

Don't assume a 3 course meal on arrival at Drayton Manor Hotel will go to plan.
It was THE most stressful dinner I have ever experienced - more when I write in full about our stay.
Don't assume twin beds can easily be pushed together.
They can't, at least NOT easily!

Don't assume - in our case at least - that you'll stay till the rides close.
Daddy was in a strop so we pulled out of the hotel carpark at 16:30 despite the rides closing at, at LEAST 17:00.

Don't assume you'll be so busy you don't need a Thomas Train with you.
More on that when I write about our meal and our stay etc...

Don't assume you'll have anything like the same experience you had last time.
It was VERY different but we did have fun.

Don't assume your toddler will cry when you leave.
Aaron was SO tired, after (a) only 8 hours instead of 10 or 11 on Sunday night and (b) being in the theme park all day, meaning he had not had his afternoon nap (yes we pushed a buggy around ALL day that he did not sit in (or sleep in) once!!!! Ggggrrr! Because of this sleep deprivation, he willingly got into the car and slept for the first 2 hours of the car journey.  He's full of beans now we're home.

Don't assume that long car journeys are a nightmare with a toddler.
He slept all the way there, and the majority of the way home.

Don't assume Thomas Land is a once in a lifetime trip. 
This is our second trip this year.  Since we last went in August Aaron has said, everyday, since: "I want to go to Thomas Land".

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