Sunday 28 October 2012

Never a Newborn

As I was "large for dates" when I had Aaron, he never looked like a newborn. In 2010 he was born a massive 9 lbs 10 oz and when I sent pics to Ireland on SMS they said that child looks "fully reared". Now that I look back I see exactly what they mean.

If you adopted a baby a few months old and regret never holding a newborn, I also never held a fragile baby. He was robust and Aaron (high mountain) from day one. At a week old he was upright in my arms and pushed away lifting his body off my chest so as to turn to face the other way. The only time he let me cradle him was to feed -breast or bottle - and the rest of the time insisted on being upright at all times. He was strong minded from day one.

Now I see his character developing I can trace it back and and see the origins.
Being large for dates meant I had 3 scans.

It also meant I did the right thing in not purchasing a moses basket as it would have lasted no length.
Being large for dates when pregnant stays with us.  He is now 28 months but is in age 3-4 clothes.
My robust boy. He walked at 12 months.

I find myself being very nostalgic lately. I am sure it is down to the photo book of pictures of Aaron I have made my Mum for Xmas.

I have tried to insert a photo but as I am writing this post on my phone I fear it needs rotating and yet I took it the right way round... Anyway it is Aaron in the car right now sleeping.

What else can I say... Yeah the thing about age 3-4 clothes. It has no effect on vests.... Like I say he is 28 months yet all his 12-18 months vests still fit him. So don't assume they'll grow out of those unless of course they do.

So what's he in to? Well currently he loves Thomas, dinosaurs, Ice Age, and playing with his wooden Ikea train set.

If you have a nephew or any relative who is a 2 year old boy I can't recommend it enough. Aaron plays with it without fail every day and it was CHEAP. He goes into a really calm meditative state when playing with it which is a pleasure to see.  If you want to see what it looks like it is featured in my Silent Sunday post (immediately before this one).

Well looks like our car journey is nearly at an end so I may be wrapping this nostalgic post up.
Anyway I think it is safe to say I love my little man. He is definitely my shadow and I live for him.  He's now started to say "I love you" and it warms my heart in only a way he can.  Aaron I hope you read this onr day and know that you are my world.


  1. I'm glad you didn't rotate the photo, he looks even cuter from this angle! X

  2. Thanks sweetheart I wrote the above post on phone.
    Yes I see what you mean xx


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