Tuesday 20 November 2012


This Saturday 24th November 2012 
at 22:00
and through blog posts throughout the day
the blogging community will come together to heal our Multiple Mummy.

My heart aches to reach for the stars so I find myself listening to this again and again, 
as the goal is to have her home, with her family, for Christmas:

Blog posts are starting to pop up in advance of Saturday - I have linked to them all here.

My wish for Kerry, as well as having her with her family for Christmas is well illustrated here:


Saturday, the worldwide web will truly be a bridge over troubled water:


Let that bridge be the path from here to a miracle

Let our hearts, our love and our hope create that miracle

Let unity and joy be the thing that unites us.
Let's meet at #Healing4Kerry
See you on Saturday
The consciousness that unites us all will lift us all



  1. You are brilliant.... Thank you for doing this. I am one of Kerry's oldest and closest friends and it means so much to have people reaching out in union for her!!

    1. Thanks so much - it means so so much that you stopped by.
      This is the 3rd post of 3 - have you seen the other two?
      Are you on Twitter?
      I hope we all get her "driving home for Christmas".
      Liska x

    2. Yes i am on twitter.. although i confess i have no idea what i'm doing really. I will be there tomorrow at 10pm though.

  2. What a star you are. I believe faith can move mountains and I think it is wonderful we are coming together for Kerry. We done you for starting this xxxx

    1. We definitely have some mountains to move tomorrow to get her home for Christmas but I truly believe we can do it.
      Liska x


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