Saturday 24 November 2012

You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All

I have written 3 posts for #Healing4Kerry but I knew the time would come when I would write the one for 24th November.


I have been humbled by all 28 posts I have read today/tonight (in our blog hop for healing), but even more blown away by posts like this one from one of her very best friends and this video compiled by her darling husband, Nick, who shall always be known as Multiple Daddy from here on in.

So I have spent the last few hours TRYING to decide what to say in this post, and then I thought silence is golden and THEN I couldn't help but think of the name of this song and ended up watching it on You Tube:

Some of the lyrics in the above are rather fitting.

So it is rather apt as I really feel like saying nothing at all.  That's not to say that I haven't already as I have here, (that link takes you to the blog hop) and in the 2 posts after it.

EDIT at 18:23 24/11/2012 after returning with chocolate stash.   Mr @Mutiplemummy, henceforth known as Multiple Daddy, has said we should tweet and eat chocolate so that is what we'll do :-) with that in mind, the below has been crossed out, but remains, for posterity to reflect my thinking of 2 a.m. last night when I'd just read 28 humbling posts by you all.

But saying nothing at all brings me onto my next request.

I think we should create some noise throughout the day tweeting via #Healing4Kerry and tweeting out the many blog posts as they pop up.

But the time when I think we should say nothing at all is at 10 p.m.

We've all agreed that we would pray, meditate, light a candle and so on at that time, but how about we stay silent while we do so.  (By silent I mean no tweets).

I was talking to Kerry's Sister in Law on Twitter (@amli256) via DM and we thought a 2 minute silence at 10 p.m. would be appropriate.  I hope you all agree???

Please spread the word if anyone is yet to hear about #Healing4Kerry

The goal is to create healing for her that will get her home in time for Christmas, to family and friends who need and miss her dearly.  Also, to her 3 special babies, who are being so strong waiting for their precious Mummy's return.

Liska xxx


  1. I love the sentiment but for me a two minute silence symbolising something else :-( And i think we should do the exact opposite! I think we should make one hell of a lot of noise.

    But all of you know Kerry far better than I do.

    1. Think of it as an outward silence but a cosmic noise in the form of meditation and prayer for a speedy and full recovery for Kerry.

    2. Oh God, let me check with a few more people. As I said in the post, only checked with her Sister in Law so far. Eeeek.
      Must find a way of asking Multiple Daddy

  2. I'm happy to go with whatever you think best. x

  3. I think we should have a good old chat about fun things (meeting her, etc). I do think a 2 minutes silence is a bit too somber, maybe? But will happily join in with anything you decide!

  4. Such a lovely thing you have done Liska. I don't remember ever meeting Kerry but certainly am familiar with her little trademark cartoon octopus. Adding my love to the growing tide of positivity that hopefully will find its way to her. xx

  5. Liska, I think people need to do what they feel is right, it is maybe too late to get everyone to know about a 2 minute silence and yes like Mummy Barrow said, silence is normally associated with it being too late. For Kerry there is so much hope. Mich x

  6. I think she would say EAT CHOCOLATE! Multiple Daddy

  7. I'm with Multiple Daddy - let's eat @bluebearwood said 'raise a bar for Kerry' x

  8. MORE than happy to eat Chocolate for Kerry! :) I'm in Multiple Daddy xx

  9. Will be praying, posting, tweeting and eating chocolate with you x

  10. I too wish all the best for Kerry and her family. Here's to positive, chocolatey vibes. What a lovely set of blog posts for a fellow blogger xx.

  11. Dam I can't get out to get chocolate - I shall indulge in the virtual kind instead :-)

  12. Sorry I was so ill last night I couldn't properly join you all but defintely thinking about her. Another beautiful post.


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