Wednesday 7 November 2012

I want a gold star or certainly want to pass on a few

Getting through last week was hell on earth (I know to some you thought "hey get over it" but hey maybe you are made of stronger stuff than me, or the current me, or rather the me of last week).

Anyway, I want a gold star because I took Aaron for a day out with my friend Sandra, all day Friday, and she took us for a MUCH NEEDED walk.  During that walk, we literally FOUND A RAINBOW.

It was so symbolic it blew me away.

Then Saturday we had a day with Daddy which was lovely too.

Then on Sunday Daddy saw that I was low (elements of PND back) so when he left for a late shift (bordering on a night shift) he left me £20 for a takeaway.  Now the proud strong me would have been too proud to take it, but the vulnerable me took it and ran for the hills, ordered an Indian, and bloody enjoyed it.  Aaron went to bed way earlier than normal, so I was even able to enjoy Downton Abbey in peace which is rare unusual.

Then on Monday we had a day with my friend Siobhan, and we didn't find a rainbow, but the rainbow was clearly visible in her friendship and hospitality.

So I guess what I am really saying, is that the gold star that Kiddy Charts is offering, I would like to give to my 2 friends.

THEY (and my husband) and of course the support of you readers, has lifted me out of the depths of despair.  I know there are at least one of you who has made it known that it was avoidable (and hence I am making something out of nothing) but I swear, even now with the benefit of a calm relaxed mind, I am STILL outraged and how I was spoken to that Tuesday and how the "investigation" was handled.

Luckily the people who actually interact with Aaron on a daily basis are ALSO deserving of gold stars, so drop off and collection yesterday and today have been without event (and with lots of warmth) as I haven't (thank God) bumped into management.  Hopefully I will be stronger, and will have written my reply by the time I do.

Anyway, being surrounded by people worthy of gold stars, and being open to receive their love & warmth is certainly away of keeping the PND at bay/banished.

So this phoenix will rise again.

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Liska xx


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